Thursday, December 1, 2016

Cleaning your Data

Cleaning Your Data

Occasionally we get updates to customers e-mail addresses and often these e-mails have bad data in them. Over the past years I have tracked the bad data to be, Tab, Carriage Return or Line Feed. Luckily we have Suprtool to fix the data in very few commands:

base custdb,1,;
get d-custdata
clean "^9:^13"
if $findclean(e-mail-address)
ext e-mail-address=$clean(e-mail-address)

We specify Decimal Nine thru to Decimal 13, which is Tab thru to Line Feed, we use $findclean to find the entries and we update and run the extract of the e-mail address thru the $clean function and the data gets fixed and updated in one easy step.

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